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With the aim of improving our farmers’ lives, in 2019, we started the project “Integration Plan of the lupini value chain”, which seeks to develop this crop in the province of Pichincha, in cooperation with farmers’ associations, thus guaranteeing teamwork between the primary and secondary sectors of the value chain.

The project is based on 5 pillars

Organic farming

Optimal use of natural resources, avoiding the use of industrial agrochemicals and increasing the use of substances derived from plants, animals and minerals.

Improve quality of life

Through education and training in agriculture, generating economic growth and access to nutritious food.

Support services for agricultural production

Training, field visits, transfer of agricultural technology, delivery of agricultural inputs or tools.

Fair trade

Mode of marketing in dignified, transparent, fair and long-term relationships for both parties.

Sovereignty and food security

production of Andean grains that contribute to nutrition, ensure safe food, and are accessible to the entire population.

We currently work with 12 farmers’ associations in Mejía and Cayambe supporting the development of more than 300 farmers. The project will continue annually including different farmers in Ecuador. If you are interested in being part of this project, send us an email with your personal information to

With the support of:

LaVerde | Agriculture | Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería
LaVerde | Agriculture | INIAP
LaVerde | Agriculture | Prefectura de Pichincha

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